Meeting Spaces in Las Vegas

Last Minute Venues LV was formed by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the event planning industry – to be more specific, nearly 50 years experience combined. Our experience covers event planning, event transportation, and destination management, including active leadership in associations of destination managers. In addition, we’re deeply connected with the owners of the most unique hidden venues in Las Vegas: Celebrity Mansions, Night Clubs, Penthouse Suites, Luxurious Pools, just to mention a few.

We realized that event planners were experiencing a significant unmet need: How to locate a unique and memorable event venue in Las Vegas at the last minute.

Spontaneous events can be the most beneficial and memorable experiences for a company, or family. Consider a corporate sales awards or training event in Las Vegas. Imagine the opportunity arises to connect with a key client who happens to be visiting Las Vegas during your event. You want to create a spontaneous event that will be memorable and high impact. The quality of the venue can make or break the success of this spontaneous last minute event. The traditional restaurant dinner just won’t do. We’ve found this to be a common scenario experienced by corporations during their Las Vegas events.

We’ll locate that unique, memorable venue at the last minute, and make it come off as if it had been carefully planned months ahead!

And if you are planning an important event months ahead, you can turn to us to locate the perfect venue, and plan every aspect of your event.

Contact Last Minute Venues LV and you’ll come off looking like the event planning hero in your corporation or family.