With 2017 winding down to a close we are getting ready for the New Year! 2018 is almost here here and we have a lot of clients budgeting and planning for their First Quarter Meetings and Events! With hundreds of venues to chose from in Las Vegas, it’s difficult to budget when venues have seasonal pricing. There are a few things to think about when booking the right space:

Location- this factor is always important! Where are most of your guests coming from? Do you want the venue located close to an Office or Hotel? Will you lose some attendees if you book on or off of the strip?

Atmosphere- We are so lucky to have such a wonderful wide variety of venues to chose from! Before blindly selecting a venue, it’s a good idea to think about what the “feel” or “theme” of your event needs to be. We will create an ambiance that ranges from Crazy-Fun Style spaces, as well as Classy-Upscale Style venues. Helping you find what is right for YOU and your Budget is our priority and privilege!

Food- Are you looking for space that let’s you bring in your own food? Do you want to only host a reception with appetizers? Venues range in their food styles from Light Bar Snacks, to Fine Dining – even when it comes to reception food!

Unique Features- If there is anything special you are looking for please let us know. We will make your event or meeting as unique as you want! Do you require an indoor/outdoor space? Are you looking for locations with beautiful views of the strip? We’re always able to find the special unique requests to fit any group – just ask us!

Budget- This is a very important one. When we are finding the right venue we are not asking budget to make sure we spend all of it. Some of our venues start at $100.00 per person and others can go as low as $35.00 per person. We are looking out for your best interests and to assist you in securing your perfect event – that will fit within your budget.

Extras- Did you count for transportation, DJ, Lighting Packages, Décor, Branding when planning out your budget. It is important to get a quote for the additional services needed.

While Las Vegas presents companies and individuals with some amazing event creation opportunities, the venue choices can be overwhelming and confusing. And setting up your event space in Las Vegas to create that memorable “WOW Factor” experience can be a bit daunting.

Whether you’re a professional event planner, or were drafted into the position by your company or family, here’s some help to make your task easier, and to transform you into an event planning hero.

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Here are 7 Tips for Successfully Booking and Using Event Space In Las Vegas

1) Know Your Budget for Event Space in Las Vegas

Looking to book and maximize event space in Las Vegas? Before you begin viewing Las Vegas locations, know your event space budget. Here’s a simple way to arrive at your event space budget: Set the range of what you want to spend per person or overall. Event spaces in Las Vegas can run from $50-250 a person. You’re wasting your time and the time of the Las Vegas event space booking company if you’re looking at options that are out of budget range.

2) Know What You Want to Achieve with Your Event Space in Las Vegas

Now, with your budget set, know the goal of your event.

Possible goals:

  • Launch a product
  • Train a business team
  • Celebrate a milestone event (sales team awards…ect.)


  • Entertain and WOW your guests
  • Create an opportunity to network in an elegant setting


3) Know How to Avoid Run-Away Food Expense in Your Event Space in Las Vegas

Many venues offer low pricing, but then turn around and hike up the price by requiring clients to use their expensive in house food service.

Clients who try to bring their own food into the venue may have their event shut down-right in the middle of the event! On the other hand, there are some great, unique event spaces that do not come with the in-house catering requirement. They rent semi-private rooms for very low minimums.

You can experience a great event, and your guests have the option of staying longer and having access to the rest of the venue. It’s just a matter of locating these venue opportunities, which are often not easy to find.

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4) Decide How You Will Use Your Event Space in Las Vegas

Some of the major decisions include:

  • Type of food and beverages.


  • The Flow: Picture your guests. Where were they before the event?
    • Reception-style with passed appetizers (Not the best plan if guests are at the end of a long day on the trade show floor.)
    • Stations for guests to help themselves (Better if guests are tired, hungry and want to fill a plate instead of chasing down a wandering server for each bite.)
  • Signage:
    • Is signage free?
    • Are there requirements on where to place signs?
    • Are there digital screens?
    • Can you place signs outside of the venue free of charge?


  • Linens and Décor:
    • What’s offered free of charge?
    • What about centerpieces?
    • DJ?
    • Lighting?
    • Audio Visual?
  • What Extras Will You Bring?
    • Entertainment?
    • Additional décor?
    • Something fun and memorable?



5) Learn How You Can Use Easy, Inexpensive Décor to Create a WOW Factor In Your Event Space in Las Vegas

The following ideas will help you create a dazzling, unique event at an affordable price.

Create a unique lay out:

  • Place the buffet in the middle of the room shaped as an X and up-lit with gobo lights.
  • Coordinate your colors: linens, plates, chairs, skirting etc. Contrasting colors make rooms stand out; you can use standard black linens from the hotel and bring in bright yellow flowers or lighted branches for an inexpensive look.
  • Let food displays create décor. Edible items can be used as cool centerpieces on buffet stations and tables.
  • Consider inviting local artists to display their art at no cost
  • Use inexpensive natural elements creatively such as branches, or wildflowers vs more expensive traditional floral arrangements.
  • Create unique ambiance with discount fabrics. Draping can make a beautiful effect and create an intimate atmosphere in a larger space.
  • Lighting can create drama in your Las Vegas event space at a low price.
  • Pipe and drape a room and use up-lighting.
  • Some venues will offer specialty linens and upgraded linens and even centerpieces at no additional charge.

Market your event at no cost to bring in more quests.

  • Market your event with free social media. Create hash tags.

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6) Where to Get Experienced Help and Save Time, Problems and Money In Acquiring and Setting Up Your Event Space in Las Vegas?

Last Minute Venues is a one-stop venue selection company owned by Melanie Bash, Molly Hoisington and David Smith. We partner with hundreds of spaces in Las Vegas to bring our clients events that fit every budget, request, and space.

Our clients are busy enough trying to put together their marketing material, building their booth, and setting up meetings. We send them several options based on what they are seeking.

We represent several restaurant and nightclubs, but beyond that, we have former celebrity mansions, industrial space, out of the box meeting space, event spaces, and reception spaces.

There are so many hidden gems in Las Vegas and we are here to show all the great spaces. A lot of spaces are not advertised, but they do rent out for private parties. When a venue such as a restaurant closes in a hotel, many will still book the space for private events.

How Does Last Minute Venues Create a Memorable Experience In That Unique Event Space in Las Vegas On a Tight Budget?

We have been fortunate enough to have thrown several hundred events in the past 15 years. Because of this we have a database and knowledge of venues that will work with a client’s budget. We can offer food stations at a lower cost and find unique venues that create a memorable event.

We partner with each client to find out their specific goals and expectations for their event so we may send them some great options within their price range. Each of our venues has something wonderful to offer that will create an event that guests will talk about for weeks to come.

Last Minute Venues has partnerships with event party vendors who are able to give our clients VIP special pricing to meet all needs.

7) You Can Book Your Event at the Last Minute, But Why Wait?

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